The specifications are a contractual document describing what the customer expects from the service provider in the framework of the development of his application, of his connect device or even his website.

Many projects are carried out without formalized specifications and this causes many problems: poor understanding or bad agreement between the customer and the service provider, bad view of the project, its obligations and its specific features, failure to comply with the initial goals, failure to comply with the deadlines, and the list goes on…

Whether you are a project owner or project manager, whether you wish to launch your own project or answer an invitation to tender, the formalization of the specifications helps you avoid these pitfalls and reduces their impact.

InfoStyle helps you draft this document with contractual value, that you will be able to use freely, whether you wish to use our services for other projects or not.


You wish to carry out a project for a specific IT need and streamline the management of this project through the drafting of specifications with contractual value?

InfoStyle drafts this document for you, you can then use it to:

  • launch an invitation to tender
  • contact different service providers
  • formalize your offer with the service provider
  • view the different interactions in the form of organization charts or mockups
  • check the compliance with the obligations and the schedule throughout the project
  • check the initial goal validation of your project when it is delivered

InfoStyle performs this service objectively and in an unbiased fashion. Thereafter, you can absolutely use these specifications with any other service provider.

These specifications generally address the following aspects:

  • description of the project’s context
  • definition of the goals
  • analysis and formalization of the needs
  • definition of the technical and functional specifications
  • definition of the obligations
  • process study
  • drafting of a schedule
  • definition of the selection criteria for service providers (budget, lead times, methodology, relevance of the proposed solution, quality of the deliverables, credibility…)
  • definition of the applicative architecture, the technical base and the database model
  • definition of an ergonomic graphic charter to optimize the user experience


You wish to answer an invitation to tender, to apply for a complex IT project, you have technical skills, but are not familiar with the drafting of formal and contractual specifications?

In an opaque way, as a white label service, InfoStyle assists you in the drafting of the specifications ensuring a rationalization of the management of this project and putting forth your expertise.

Confidentiality or non-competition clause: we take all necessary precautions to ensure a relationship of trust in the framework of this service. Please do not hesitate to contact us to explain your need and submit your requests.

Do you have an IT partner ? Do you have a question ? Feel free to contact us !


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