Software development has existed for many years. While business processes tend to be predominantly computerized, software development, including business applications, addresses personal needs such as management, communication, creation of services or analysis of results regarding an activity.


Unlike Web applications called “thin client” (the majority of features and business logic being server-side, the client is quite limited), software is generally called desktop application or “fat client” program,since the majority of features are coded within the program itself (for instance, Excel or Word) and the program installs itself on the user’s computer.

The development of software generally addresses a very specific need.

The current trend is to create new Web applications to address every need and therefore offer many advantages (portability, maintenance, ergonomics…). However, in some cases, software for client computers are still being developed, for example for safety reasons (a computer with limited access, without Internet access) or equipment reasons (to control particular devices directly).


The profiles of software developers are increasing over time. However, finding the right software developer for your project is not as easy as you think.

The qualities of InfoStyle’s software developers:

  • Skill: Naturally, the software developer must master the language(s) used for coding.
  • Passionate and curious: The software developer must keep himself informed on new trends and keep his knowledge up to date. He must thrive on challenge and question his knowledge for a continuous improvement of his work and skills.
  • Rigorous: InfoStyle values rigor. It is the sine qua non condition for a good communication with customers, a project that does not run off the rails, that meets its deadlines and a code that is well documented and exploitable over time.
  • Pedagogue: A good Web developer must also make himself available, be able to communicate with customers, understand their needs and translate them into technical actions. He is also capable of explaining his work and making the information accessible to a user, in order to communicate with the entire project team.


A software is a computer program, but beyond that, different types of software can meet different needs and are therefore difficult to categorize. Here are some examples among the areas in which software development can be implemented:

  • accounting, finance
  • decision-making, Business Intelligence
  • human resources, payroll system
  • documents, electronic document management
  • sales, commercial management
  • collaboration, messaging service
  • marketing, advertising
  • ERP (which manage a large portion of these areas)

And many more, it is naturally not a comprehensive list.

In terms of software development, InfoStyle provides its skills for a customized service.

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