Developed with the Web standard technologies (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS…), the Web application (thin client or rich client) runs with a simple Web browser. Unlike software (fat client), it is independent of the media on which it was launched to be executed (computer, smartphone, tablet…).

The flexibility and depth of this technology enables the design of a wide variety of applications addressing specific needs in terms of business logic.

InfoStyle assists you during the development of your Web application in order to better address your need.


  • remote access
  • multi-user
  • easy deployment
  • compatible with every browser
  • no installation required on client computers
  • maintenances and centralized updates
  • significant amount of open source tools
  • vast community


Web applications have been thriving on the market during recent years, to address every type of need in every type of sector:

  • health: business processes
  • administrative: human resources
  • logistics: purchases and sales
  • distribution: client management
  • banking and industrial: production management
  • cultural: finance and accounting


The design of a Web application generally addresses a very specific need.

Depending on the case, the Web application will be:

  • coded from A to Z
  • adapted from a existing tool
  • based on a FrameWork (toolbox) such as Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, Yii, Zend, PRADO, CodeIgniter or JSF

The graphics part of the application can use a tailor-made design or integrate an existing template that will be adapted.


  • Analysis: The step prior to the project is critical for the design of the Web application. It includes an analysis of the customer’s needs, the feasibility and the costs, an audit of the existing one, the drafting of the specifications containing the project stages, the features and technical specifications listing, and the implementation schedule. A clear and precise documentation that ensures your independence within the contractual relationship, leaving you free to work with any service provider for development or maintenance.
  • Development: We use smooth development methods, with iterative feature implementation and error corrections throughout the project. You therefore benefit from risk and budget management as well as better managed deadlines.
  • Implementation, maintenance and advice: The implementation and maintenance of the application must not be neglected. We support you with advice and suggestions during the life cycle of the application and provide support in the event of a problem or an incident.


We attach importance to:

  • a clean and documented code, respectful of standards
  • compliance with security and accessibility standards (W3C…) for a long-lasting application which is compatible with current Web technologies
  • a relationship of trust
  • taking into account business aspects and issues, in order to meet your management rules, your needs and your work methods

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