62360 St Léonard
Siret N° 81388542300018


62360 St Léonard
Siret N° 81388542300018


63000 Clermont-Ferrand
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Administrative information

N° SIRET : 81388542300018
Date of registration of the company : 17/06/2011
Date of change of status : 17/09/2015
Intra-Community VAT number : FR23813885423
NAF APE activity Code : 7112B – Engineering, technical studies
Eligible for the research tax credit, approved by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance for the years 2017-2021.
Declaration of training activity registered under the number 32 62 03217 62 with the prefect of region Hauts de France

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The general terms and conditions of sale are applicable to any quotes, offers, invoices and contracts established by the company My2Eway and its InfoStyle brand. Except in the case of a specific contract between the service provider and the customer, these general terms and conditions represent all the existing commitments between the two parties. They revoke and stand in place of any prior written or verbal agreement of the same nature that may have been made between the Parties. The parties remain independent and are bound only to the title and under the conditions hereof.


The customer will pay the corresponding amount defined with the company in consideration on the service provided. Any additional requests or or unforeseen charges (postal taxes, bank taxes, judicial taxes, customs taxes, travel, accommodation, meals, typing, reprography, customs, additional requests, etc.) necessary for the achievement of the service will be invoiced additionnally to the customer. The maximum time limit for payment is set at fifteen days following the date of receipt of the invoice. In application of Article L441-6 of the French commercial code, penalties for late payment are due without the need for a reminder. These Late Fees shall be calculated on the entirety of the remaining sums due and a penalty fee will be calculated with a 10.50% interest rate, which is the most recent interest rate applied by the European Central Bank. In addition, in accordance with the law law n°2012-387 of March 22 2012, simplifying the law and reducing administrative formalities, in cases of delayed payment, creditors are automatically entitled to interest for late payment and €40 minimum as compensation for recovery costs. Unless otherwise stated, prices quoted are expressed in euros and excluding taxes.
The amounts provided will be payable:

  • by check, payable to My2Eway
  • by bank transfer (RIB provided on request)
  • by PayPal or credit card, on the website (account provided on request)

Duration and schedule

A quotation will be valid for a maximum of 30 days. Beyond this, the service provider reserves the right to make the necessary changes concerning the price or the deadline for performing the services. The service starts with the signature of the quote by both parties with the mention “voucher for agreement”, along with the payment of equivalent to 30% of the total amount of the quote by the customer. This constitutes a purchase order. The balance of the invoice must be paid by the customer at the end of the service, within 30 days.

Provision of the services

The service provider undertakes to perform the service described in the quotation, in the best possible way, and by respecting the deadlines as much as possible. The service provider will regularly inform the client about the progress of the project. It is agreed that no late penalty is applicable in case of delay of realization.

Obligation of confidentiality

The service provider will consider as strictly confidential all documents and data that he may be aware of during the performance of the service. However, the provider can not be held liable for any disclosure if the disclosed material was in the public domain at the time of disclosure, or if the provider became aware of it or obtained it from third parties by legitimate means. The obligation of confidentiality goes on for an unlimited duration.

Obligation to collaborate

The customer undertakes to provide all data and information that may contribute to the successful completion of the object of this contract. The client authorizes the service provider to have a copy of the project in order to be able to carry out tests and to prevent any anomaly. The customer and the service provider agree that any acceptance, expressed or confirmed by e-mail has the same value as a hand made signature and will thus have value of legal commitment. The customer agrees that the service provider can include among his references the work done within the validated quotation.

Obligation to receive

The service provider will indicate to the customer the final delivery of the project by a report provided by email. Any contestations or claims should be sent by mail without 8 days after reception of the invoice. If no complaint is registered within this period, the work and delivery will be considered as fully accepted by the customer. Any contestations or claims invoked by the client does not authorize him to suspend the payment of the completed work.

Property of the results

The customer acquires the intellectual property right of the project and its contents from the full payment of the service and may dispose of it as he wish.


The service provider undertakes to correct any problem related to its performance, for a period of 30 days after the final handover of the project, as long as it has not been modified by a third party.


The customer acknowledges and accepts that the responsibility of the service provider is limited to a maximum amount corresponding to the total of the amounts invoiced for the services or tasks provided, regardless of the foundations of the claim or the implementation of the procedure. The provider disclaims liability for damage to buildings, installations, materials, furniture or documents of the client. The customer agrees that the service provider will not be liable for any commercial loss, loss of orders, any commercial disruption or loss of profits that the customer would suffer and any claim or complaint made against the customer by any third party. The customer is solely responsible for all content (name, brand, text, documents and data) used in the project. The provider will be relieved of any liability in the case of products or services provided by the customer.

Termination sanction

If a party’s failure to perform its obligation amounts to a fundamental non-performance, the other party may terminate the contract. The right of a party to terminate the contract is exercised by notice to the other party, by certified letter with acknowledgment of receipt. After notice of default remaining without cure for fifteen (15) days, it will result to the cancellation of the present contract. In this case, the sums already received by the service provider would still be acquired and the client could make the most free use of the data already submitted.

Termination out of default

This contract may be terminated at any time by a joint agreement, signed by both parties and sent by certified letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In this case, the sums already received by the service provider would still be acquired and the client could make the most free use of the data already submitted.


The service provider reserves the right to use subcontractors for certain parts of the project.

Mediation – Juridiction

If a dispute arises between the Parties, all Parties shall seek to resolve it amicably. In case of a dispute, and after attempts have been made to seek an out-of-court settlement, express jurisdictional authority is assigned to the Commercial Court of Boulogne-sur-mer. By express consent of the Parties, this Agreement is subject to French law, excluding any other legislation.