Développement intranet extranet

Some structures need to set up an internal communication tool or a semi-private one dedicated to a user group. This is referred to as Intranet development (accessible internally in the company’s network) or Extranet development (accessible outside the company).

Thus, an Intranet or Extranet development project is somewhat unique in the sense that features linked to information dissemination as well as collaboration must be set up, and sometimes with more personalized services.

InfoStyle has extensive experience in SaaS (Sotware as a Service) services and platforms development, namely business features available on a server and accessible online from a Web browser.

We can support you throughout the different steps of your project.


Thus, Intranet or Extranet address extremely different business needs:

  • DMS: archiving documents (technical, accounting….)
  • ERP: production management
  • CRM: customer management
  • HRM: human resources management, career supervision, training management, vacation requests…
  • commercial management: quotes, orders, deliveries, invoicing…
  • decision-making: dashboards, statistics, reports…
  • collaborative tools: document and agenda sharing, organization chart with photographs, private forums, project management…

Customization and adaptation to the company’s processes options are extremely extensive and must be defined on a case by case basis.

The supplied service can be adapted from an existing tool or a tailor-made development.


A sound project management is an essential precondition for a successful Intranet or Extranet project. InfoStyle uses a proven method for the definition of your needs, the analysis of the feasibility and budget, the drafting of the specifications and the development, which is carried out through smooth methods and accompanied by meticulous documentation and a carefully completed testing phase. InfoStyle supports you from start to finish, until the deployment and maintenance of your Intranet/Extranet, for a smooth and solid project.


With the Intranet at the core of your information system and the data with different degrees of confidentiality and criticality it contains (information relating to your employees, informal internal communications, encrypted data, dashboards…), every precaution must be taken to ensure the integrity of this information. This should be done on the access and site security level or even the integration level in the company’s information system.


The Intranet or the Extranet must be interoperable with your current information system, that is, it must be capable of effectively communicating with the other blocks of your information system without encountering any technical difficulty. When defining your needs, we make sure we fully understand all the connections you will need to make between your existing project and the new one and select the technologies and the development choices that will ensure the viability of this interoperability in the future.

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